Start early! Complete your application online and submit the materials that are requested by the deadline. Any additional information will not be considered and late applications will not be considered.


Be sure to get one letter of recommendation from a faculty member or administrator who knows you well. Make sure you ask him/her to write a letter specifically showing how your skills and achievements relate to the award for which you are applying. You may want to give a brief summary of the award to your reference. Remember to give this person adequate notice to write the letter and to thank this person. You may need another reference in the future.

Special Note: The awards committee reviews blind applications, so it is important to remove names, contact and other identifying information from resumes, essays and letters of reference before uploading. More detailed instructions for file uploads are included in the application and nomination forms.

Since these are the highest honors awarded by UA, you are encouraged, although not required, to select a faculty or staff member from The University of Alabama as your reference.


Write original work for your essay. Look at the description of the award and any particular criteria that you must address in your essay. Do not send a general essay that could be submitted for multiple awards or honors. Be sure to check your application and essay for grammatical and spelling errors, and be sure that your name does not appear in the essay to facilitate the blind application process.